When Ableton is Absent 1

When a friend of mine moved away, he left a few of his things here with me to use until he was able to re-attain them. My favorite of these things is a Roland JP-8000, an analog modeling synthesizer. Well, recently another friend set up his DJ gear in the studio and connected the JP-8000 to the mix through his Ableton Live setup. Without his mac and him here, I have been unable to use the JP-8000 without messing up his set-up.

Roland JP-8000

Roland JP-8000

I am not a DJ as you know. I have no use for a program as complex, bulky and expensive as Ableton Live though it is a really great program. I found a way to skip Ableton Live altogether and just use my mac in place of his.

Sound Studio is a free program for Mac that can be used to bridge this gap. In the Sound Studio drop down menu at the top there is an option called “Preferences”. Select this and you will see a pop-up with a bunch of options. The one that matters most here is “Audio” > “Input”. This is where you change the source of your audio. The “Output section is where you will hear the audio being played.

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