“Want it? Go get it!” says Actor Will Smith 4

“Want it? Go get it!”

Photo of Will SmithThose are the words of Will Smith along with many others on his path to Success and Happiness. I have always had a great respect for this man. He has gone from some poor kid in Philly with nothing more than a dream to a multi-million or billion dollar man who has been an actor, musician and one heck of an inspiration to millions.

I was born some poor kid in Northern Michigan and honestly I’m no Will Smith, but the path that he speaks of is how I became who I am today. I am no longer that poor kid in Michigan, but someone who has taken control of their own life and am making my dreams come true … “One brick at a time” as Will says.

I have been keeping an eye on Will Smith since I myself was a child watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air after school. Even then he was an inspiration. Uncle Phil had become a judge only through many hard years of being a lawyer, living in apartments and more. Will had come from nothing as well and was experiencing a whole new world of life. I felt a connection with him, seeing that there was more to life than the streets of Philly just like I started to see that there was more to life than what I knew.

Today, I found a video that demands to be shared. I watched it a couple of times before I decided to blog about it. I feel that more people should see this and understand what it is he is trying to say. I am daily living proof that these ideas are beyond real, they are just the truth. I hope you enjoy this little video about success … I did.

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4 thoughts on ““Want it? Go get it!” says Actor Will Smith

  • Man Over Board

    I have always enjoyed Will Smith and I am so happy for him and his continued success. He is one of the few who didn’t let stardom go to his head. Great family also.

  • nadine

    so true, if you want it go get it! haha. i love watching his movies. they’re really touching and inspirational & they aren’t boring !

  • Nathan

    Thanks for posting this great video. I have been a fan of Will since DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was formed back in the 80’s. I have always admired his work ethic, and moral values. As well, I have always liked how he is still the same person today that he was back then. He still works hard and hasn’t let the fame and glory go to his head.

    Again, thanks for posting the video. It has a great message that I think everyone should hear!

  • Dori

    This is a great video and so inspirational. I have been a fan of Will Smith since the early days too. And he’s truly an example of what hard work can do. I applaud him and am so glad that he talks the talk and walks the walk. Thanks for sharing this :)