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I have been wanting to start another blog about the musical things that are in my life.  There are 3 things that I love the most and they are my Family, Technology and Music!  The more I have been digging into different styles of music and how it is created, the more I realize that Modern Technology and Music are falling into step with each other.


Some of the greatest songs that are coming out today are technology driven.  Auto-tune is a proprietary audio processor which artists such as T-Pain, Uncle Cracker and Maroon 5 have used in their songs.  Synthesizers are an electronic instrument that is able to produce a variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different sound frequencies.  Even drums can come in Electronic Form with sound kits and more – Roland V-Drums are a great example.

Roland Electronic Drum Kit V-Drums

With all of this technology in today’s music and yesterday’s too, I just can’t figure out any good reason to start a whole new blog.   In turn, I will be integrating more of my musical experiments into this blog and keeping you updated not only on Computer tips and tricks, but also Technology in Music tips and advice!  Keep checking back for a broader spectrum of topics coming soon!

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One thought on “The Age of Music Technology

  • Eddie Garcia

    Modern technology never ceases to amaze me! I am spell bound by how quickly one thing comes into existence and is almost obsolete in before we get used to it. You seem to be on top of many new ideas and I commend you for that quality. Keep up the good work and I will continue to visit your site.

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