So, Whaddaya Know About SEO? 3

I was curious today as to how Google Bots were seeing the website.  So, I got on Google and started searching for a free SEO testing tool.  I came across one that did require me to register, but it was worth it.  I found this site called SEOmoz that had a SEO test tool and so much more.  (I had some issues with their test tool and found another – I’ll tell you about that in a minute)  In the process I found this SEO Quiz – Show What You Know About SEO.  I am so happy I found this quiz.  It was 75 questions long and when it was over, I had all of the questions with my answer and the correct answer laid out for me with explanations. Unfortunately I only scored a 42% for now, but with these results, I can improve my score through reading more!  I am so excited to improve my SEO abilities.

As for their tool, when you are a free user on their site, you can only use the tool once per day.  I made a mistake the first time around and found out I could not re-do my crawl after without paying the $79 Pro Membership fee.  I did find a completely free tool though that worked well and gave me detailed results about my site.  Not quite as detailed as I would like, but hey it was free and I got my answers.  The site’s name is MetaMend and the SEO Test was a free SEO analysis of my site.  The results were fair and covered all of the major bases of SEO, so I do recommend it.  Plus it does not limit you to 1x per day.

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