Search Trends and Hot Topic Hit Lists 7

Millions searches are going on right now from Google to Bing and everything in between. If only we knew what they were searching for, we could increase traffic to get the best impact with every article or blog post. Several major search engines provide a way to look at the search stream to find the most popular search topics, keywords and or tags.  Here are a several resources that will help you increase your search rank along the way.

  1. Dogpile SearchSpy
    Up to the minute search information.
  2. Google Trends
    Hottest 100 searches on Google.
  3. Google Insights for Search
    Compare search terms against each other for a better keyword effect.
  4. Google Trends for Websites
    Google Trends for website traffic data. Type in a website address to see visitors by region and related sites visited.
  5. Google Hot Trends
    The top 100 fastest-rising search queries right now (U.S. only). Updates throughout the day.

Additional Resources:

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas.
  2. Search Engine Watch
    Great resource for all things search engine.

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