Photoshop Blending Accident 3

I was messing around with some photos of my daughter today in Photoshop.  I enjoy playing with images, the little ‘accidents’ that happen can sometimes teach you a lot.  I am not a graphics designer, never will I claim to be.  I am still learning how to do more with Photoshop since switching to a Mac from a PC.  There are so many little things that are different.


As I was blending and brushing out the kool-aid from her lip I thought “This is the perfect image to lay out on a background”.  So, I grabbed a snowy mountain scene and laid her face on top of it.  This is the cool part, and I have no idea how I did it.  I will soon figure out how to replicate this action.  She went from being a full on image to a ghost.


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3 thoughts on “Photoshop Blending Accident

  • Eddie Garcia

    That is just too cool! I very much like images like that and you can do so much with them once you figure out how you did it. lol I know you will figure it out and then you can pass that info on to others who have the same setup. Neat! Thanks for the share & you have a beautiful daughter!

    Friends 4 Life!

  • Sivyr

    You ought to check the blending options, fill and opacity for the layer on which the picture of your daughter is. It should be located on your layers panel somewhere. I’m not a PS pro myself, but I’ve worked with it enough, and my girlfriend is a professional artist, so I see her using it a great deal.

    Any of these 3 options could account for the kind of transparency you’re encountering.