How To Clear Your Mozilla FireFox Cache

This ‘How To is designed to help you clear your Mozilla FireFox cache and Private Data only.

If this is not your browser click here.

1. Open Mozilla FireFox

2. Click on the ‘Tools’ drop down menu. This is located either at the top of the page (*2a) near the ‘File’ drop down.



3. Select the ‘Clear Private Data..’ or ‘Clear Recent History..’ (depending on version) from the Drop Down.

4. When the box comes up, you want to make sure that the following is checked: Browsing History, Saved Form and Search History, Cache, Cookies and Offline Website Data. If there is a time range available, select ‘Everything’.

5. Click the ‘Clear Private Data Now’ button.

Once these actions are performed, the window will automatically close and you can continue browsing. Please note that you will need to sign in again to any sites that you were signed into prior to clearing your cache.

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