How To Change Your WordPress Theme 9

Tired of the same old look of your blog but aren’t sure how to change it? Try this…

1. Download a new theme to your computer. Make sure it is a .zip file. If it is not already a .zip file (compressed) then you will need to right click on the folder and ‘send to’ –> ‘compressed zip folder’.

2. Go to your WordPress Administrator log in panel and log in.

3. Select the ‘Add New Themes’ button under the ‘Appearance’ block of the admin panel.

4. When this page is finished loading, be sure to select the ‘upload’ text directly under the ‘Install Themes’ title.

5. Click the ‘Browse…’ button to search your computer for the .zip file that you downloaded or compressed.

6. Select the file and then click the ‘Install Now’ button. Please note that this does not immediately install the new theme to a live state without your confirmation. It will then give you the option to Preview, Activate or Return to Themes Page.

7. When you are ready to activate, click the activate text on the confirmation page or go to your Themes page to activate. That’s it!

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