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Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in getting your website indexed. Search engines have ‘bots’ that crawl your web pages and if you have implemented SEO techniques then you have a better chance of getting indexed quickly.

After viewing your website, the search engine direcory keeps a cached copy of your web pages in their index. That means that they make a reference copy of every page and keep that in their records. When a user starts searching with a particular keyword, it is capable of displaying a list of relevant web pages. The higher your search engine indexing level the easier it is for potential visitors to find you.

First your website should have quality content and good navigation along with regular maintenance. All links should work properly. Use solid keywords in your title and post to help gain more SEO traction. Updating your content regularly is a must, especially if you are a blogger.

You can also submit a sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools and Google will give you some insight. Once your site is verified with Google Webmaster Tools, this will help you get indexed more quickly as well. If it is a new site, then you can get your site on the map a little quicker with this tool.

As I have mentioned in previous posts … after that, it’s all about the back links (see previous post). The more quality links and back links you have, the higher the page rank that will be offered by the search engine.

Another method is posting in forums and commenting. They are both easy ways to gain backlinks. Join a forum that is related to your website and post content with your name and link to your site. Search engines access all well known forums on a regular basis, so they will pick up your back links quickly.

One more process to help SEO is blogging as most of us are aware. Since search engines thrive on new content, these type of sites are indexed very quickly. There are many places you can create a free blog such as WordPress and Blogger.

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