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Many people who own a site are trying to build a large number of daily visitors.  For this you need to get a higher search engine placement.  Most people search for a website related to their keywords and they will click on a link if it appears on top or near the top of the search results.  The next question is how to get your site on the search engine top list?  You can play with your content, keywords, and back links.  Create high quality content for your site and a solid SEO campaign using good keywords for your niche.  After that it is all about backlinks.

Backlinks are links which are created on other websites to direct visitors back to your site.  Backlinks are also referred to as incoming links, inbound links, in links, and inward links.  Search engines use the number and quality of backlinks to your site as one of the most important factors in determining your sites page rank.  Beside that, high quality back links can also measure the importance and popularity of your site.  Backlinks are the purest form of gold in the online world … it can complete your SEO campaign.  You can check your page rank at for free.  You can also check out how many backlinks your site has by using one of the many free backlink checkers.

You should definitely recognize backlinks as a part your SEO campaign.  Just include the backlinks and what words you use to anchor those links. An anchor link is the clickable portion of the words, you would use the href tag to anchor or hyper link your keywords. When your anchor links, your back link using the keywords on your website, it will give an extra boost in your site’s page rank.  Another method that will generate natural search engine traffic is social bookmarking.

Millions of people consider social bookmarking sites as a practical source of information, so when other sites bookmark your site you will be indexed by search engines instantly. Search engines can monitor the significance of your site based on its social network exposure and perception. When you have already signed up with the top social bookmarking sites, use your site URL, a description of your content and also proper tags to get good traction from that. Google treats the links from these popular sites with more weight, which helps your page rank in the search engine listing.

You can also try a Link Building program to do it for yo.  Other ways to manage your backlinks is to join the article directories, comment on other site or blogs, participating in forums, publish press releases, and manage all of them. Remember this: Too much of it can hurt your site, but too little can mean a traffic-less site.

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