Facebook Gets A Facelift? 6

Facebook made some huge changes about a year ago that truly turned their site around. Prior to these changes, Facebook was more for people that were trying to connect to old school buddies. Then it became a site for people to connect without so much of a college influence and has gained upwards of 3 million users.

Well, after everyone flocked to the new user interface on Facebook, they changed their tune again. Unlike MySpace, Facebook decided to surprise all of the users with these “Grand new changes”. When MySpace changed their user interface, they gave the users a choice to switch to the new, or to stay with the old. The users of Facebook had no warning, and no clue that everything they were used to was about to change. Usually change takes time to adjust to, whether it is a change in a life situation or it is a website that changed a bunch of stuff.

What do you think? Are they good changes? Are they changes that should be reverted? Should Facebook leave well enough alone and change it back, or should they stick to their guns? Should we trust the developers of Facebook a bit more to be actually moving toward improvements, or do you think that the management doesn’t know what the users really want?

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6 thoughts on “Facebook Gets A Facelift?

  • Eddie Garcia

    Hello Sabra,
    As far as FB goes, I think at this point they can do just about what they want and not lose too many users. Yes there were complaints when they first changed but everyone settled down and got used to the changes and onward it strides. I think they should have learned a lesson from all the static they produced and hopefully they will consider a poll by the users before they make another major change. We both know there are those out there that will come up with something very similar and steal all the users if they are not careful. Is this possible? I think so! Thanks for the post.

    Friends 4 Life!

  • Eddie Garcia

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  • stunatra

    Facebook management don’t know what the users want. The new “News Feed” and “Live Feed” is useless and totally redundant. It was fine the way it was before. Change it back. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.

  • Sabra Post author

    I think you’re right, Eddie. People will get used to it and with 3million plus users, they don’t really have much to worry about.