Earth Hour and You 4

I want to say Thank you to everyone who participated in Earth Hour. On Saturday night, hundreds of millions of people in 125 countries on all seven continents united to demand action on climate change. It is being described as the largest mass demonstration in history.

Did you or your business participate in Earth Hour? If you did, why? Our family sat around a bunch of candles on the coffee table playing acoustic instruments and singing songs. How did you spend the hour? I am a supporter of Earth Hour because I believe we can make a difference. Why are YOU?

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4 thoughts on “Earth Hour and You

  • David Tamayo

    It was a success at least in our household. I looked around the neighborhood to see how many other households appeared to be participating. I guess everybody didn’t get the memo. We had a good time though! ;o) Take care my friend.

  • sandy

    Yes we participated. I blogged about it on my personal blog, Sandy’s Space; and made a Green post today on Traveling Suitcase.

    I wish more had participated, but am thrilled that so many did.


  • Simon

    Here in New Zealand, we managed a 2% decrease in our power consumption. That compares to a 3.5% decrease last year, when the weather was a lot warmer. I have never been a fan of the Earth Hour; most people turn their lights off for an hour, but don’t bother making an effort for the other 8759 hours in the year. It really is just a token gesture.

  • Sabra Post author

    Very true, Simon. It is a token gesture. By no means does the Earth Hour cause expect 1 hour to make THE difference. It is to raise awareness for those who don’t think about it at all. To help remind us to turn off those lights when we’re not using them or to not let the water run while brushing teeth. It is just one hour, but it is up to the individuals to take that another step.

    For instance, Earth Hour was a week ago but I’m sitting in the dark right now. You may ask why, but then I’ll ask you, why not? I’m using the computer not the whole room. Why burn lights unnecessarily? These type of behaviors for me became more of a daily effort after my first Earth Hour. It is just one way to remind ourselves and each other to do what we can however we can.