Judge Allows Google’s Gmail Scans Lawsuit to Move Forward

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Google may be violating wiretap law when it scans the e-mails of non-Gmail users, allowing a lawsuit against the company to move forward. In her ruling, Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District Court of California, questioned the clarity of Google’s privacy policy in explaining how it collects and […]



MySQL Quick Reference Guide – Import and Export

Importing & Exporting a Full Table Export entire table with structure and data in tact: $ mysqldump -u root -p DatabaseName TableName > filename.sql Import entire table with structure and data in tact: $ mysql -u root -p DatabaseName < filename.sql; Importing & Exporting Table Data (data only) Export data from a table: SELECT * […]

MySQL Quick Reference Guide – Basic Commands

Quick Reference for MySQL When I’m looking around the net for quick reference of MySQL syntax, I always have to pick through a bunch of verbiage to find what I need. I’m going to get right to the point of this post and skip the multitude of text. Basic MySQL Commands Create Table with Primary […]



Handmade Bluetooth Bamboo Keyboard

The iZen bamboo keyboard is the first eco-friendly bluetooth keyboard on the market. Definitely one of the coolest keyboards I have seen yet! Hand-crafted out of 92% bamboo, this keyboard is renewable, recyclable, and won’t pile up in landfills. It’s low profile, portable and natural design will make everyone who walks by stop and stare. […]